PUCON Folder Mat

Reduces wear and tear Ensures long-lasting quality

Contamination free mat with increased antibacterial activity

Non slip with silicon

Size (cm)

5 Layers: 120x200x4.5
140x200x4.5 / 140x240x4.5 / 140x280x4.5
160x200x4.5 / 160x240x4.5


Exterior: premium domestic PUCON-1700 fabric / Interior: high-density PE foam


Bebe Cream

Bebe Gray

Bebe Blue Plop

Bebe Pink Plop

LIKU’s rigorous standards

Hazardous Substance Detection Safety Standards ALL PASS

  • null
    The eight heavy metals
  • null
    The six plasticizers
  • null
    The six plasticizers
  • null
    The seven volatile organic compounds

No hazardous substances!

100% domestic materials and safe products meticulously manufactured with domestic technology.