CEO Greetings

Brand Story – Story of LIKU

LIKU is the name of an adopted dog and the birth name of our CEO’s first child.
The representative brand of MADEBYMOM encapsulates the founder’s own story.

“After I got married, I suffered a miscarriage and infertility and was concerned that I might not be able to bear children for the rest of my life.
As I was preparing to adopt my companion dog, LIKU, I found out that the dog’s birthday was the same day as my miscarriage.

I believed that the soul of my unborn child had been transferred to the dog, so I named the dog LIKU, which was my child’s name. Miraculously, I became pregnant several months after adoption.”

LIKU is my dear first child who gave me hope in difficult times, a name that is a symbol of good luck, and is now a brand that represents the company.

All MADEBYMOM products are manufactured with the love of devoted mothers who treat their children like ‘LIKU’.


MADEBYMOM was founded in 2017 and specializes in manufacturing mats for infants and toddlers. We also launched LIKU, a specialized mat brand that provides safe, high-quality mats.

‘‘LIKU EDU MAT’ is based on the unique patented technology developed by a mother. It is loved by mothers of infants and toddlers for its innovative delivery of language learning content for infants and young children.

All MADEBYMOM products, which have grown with the love of customers, have received overseas attention totaling more than 600 consultations with overseas buyers.
Selected as a “Brand K” company for the first time in the industry, together with excellent companies in Korea, we have doubled our sales every year since launching in 2019.

MADEBYMOM does not settle for such success, but rather strives to repay customers’ love with safe and beneficial products at a good price that are brimming with mother’s love.
To fulfill its social responsibility, LIKU donates a portion of its sales every year and engages in sharing activities with neighbors in need.

Thank you.

CEO Park Choon-hwa